With The Changes Of Armour Has Daemonic Breastplate Got Stronger? | Ask Zlapped 0020


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Today’s question is by Brux027.

Question: Could explain better and give examples of the polarity differences of the item “Daemonic Breastplate”. Now with the changes of armour this item got stronger? Have a question for Zlapped? Ask it and be featured on the brand new podcast by Zlapped.

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to AskZlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Zlapped: Hi guys, and welcome to episode 20. Today’s question is from Brux027.

Brux027 asks, “Hello Zlapped, I’m Brux027. Could you explain better and give examples of the polarity difference of the item Daemonic Breastplate? Now with the changes in armors, this item got stronger? Hugs and continue with you excellent work.”

Well, the new Daemonic Breastplate really will be…it’s simply a way of, do you want to have it positive or do you want to have it negative? So, with the changes did this item get stronger? I would say yes and no.

Because, yeah, if they don’t have a lot of physical damage and you have a lot of physical damage, you’ll put it on defensively, which basically means that you and your entire team will do more physical damage to the enemy heroes. And if they don’t have a lot of physical damage themselves, this of course is better for you. The same thing goes for the other way around, so if they have a lot of physical damage, you’ll put it on positive, you get more armor for you and your team, and ultimately you and your team will survive longer against all this damage.

So yes, I would say that the item got a tiny bit stronger with doing this. It also got a little bit of a gold buff so it’s cheaper to buy so yeah, I would say this change to Daemonic Breastplate is probably a little bit better than the other one in terms of actual numbers, but I do not like this. I think that it was better and more balanced when it was 5+5. I don’t think it needed the positive and the negative polarities.

But overall, yeah, I guess this item got stronger and when you’re pushing you’re going to use the positive, when you’re fighting you’re going to use the positive most likely. The negative is going to be used less than the positive, I think, unless they don’t have a lot of physical damage – which most lineups do. Either way, decent item, will always be bought every game. Should always be bought every game regardless.


Zlapped: Thanks you guys for tuning into yet another episode of Ask Zlapped podcast. I hope you liked my answer and found it interesting, and thank you for a very interesting question. You can get any of the info mentioned in today’s episode, including the links by going to AskZlapped.com and I’ll see you in the next episode, where I’ll answer yet another question from you guys. Thank you very much for listening and tuning in. I appreciate it a lot. See you in the next one!

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