Who Is The Best Carry In Heroes Of Newerth | Ask Zlapped 0011


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Who Is The Best Carry In Heroes Of Newerth?

Just a quick note about today’s episode. Zlapped misinterpreted the question, but his answer was so great, we decided to publish anyway. Another episode will be published with the proper interpretation soon.

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Zlapped: Laughs Great Question


Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Hi guys and welcome to episode number 11. Today’s question is by THE Boss, Bruce S.


THE BOSS: Hi Zlapped, If you had to pick a carry that you had to be for the rest of your life, what would that carry be and why?

Zlapped: That’s a very funny question. If I had to be a carry for the rest of my life. Why and what?

It’s a hard question man. I guess, let’s pick two heroes. So first of all Silhouette. Because that would allow me to be in two places at all times. Because I’m a very adventurous type. I love to travel, I love to meet new people. I love friends. Silhouette would allow me to be on two places at the same time. So maybe I would be in Sweden for my everyday life with my friends and my family and I could just teleport any day to my illusion which would be travelling the world.

While I’m going about with my life and having fun and eating and cooking and hanging with friends. I feel like I want to go to Spain. Boom. Swap in. Now I’m in Spain. Enjoy my life there. Boom. Swap back and meanwhile set my illusion on a plane to the next course. Go to America. Whatever something like that. Something like that would be really awesome.

I guess second of all. Chronos. Being able to stop time. Because you know time is invaluable. It’s the most invaluable resource. You simply cannot value time. You don’t have unlimited amounts of resources of time. It’s limited so use it wisely.

You don’t have unlimited amounts of resources of time. It’s limited so use it wisely.

And Chronos would allow you to stop time and keep doing what you do. But then again, then comes the problem that stop time for everyone else. So I guess Chronos with the Staff of the Master if I’m allowed to do that.


Zlapped: Thanks guys for tuning into this episode of Ask Zlapped and be sure to tune in tomorrow for another question for you guys and be sure to check out my stream at Twitch.tv/twoeasy and check out my very frequently updated Facebook page at Facebook.com/Zlapped.

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