What Do You Think Of RNG Effects In HoN? | Ask Zlapped 0002

Subscribe on iTunes | Rating & Review | Have a question? Shownotes Hey guys, today we have a question from Crazzers. Question: What do you think of RNG effects in HoN? For example, Riftshards. Do you think they’re good or bad? I personally think they’re not good. Because when you get the effect and your […]

What Got You Interested In Streaming? | Ask Zlapped 0001

Subscribe on iTunes | Rating & Review | Have a question? Shownotes Hey guys, today we have a question from Adam. Question: Hi Zlapped, How long have you been streaming? And what got you into it to start with? Did you ever consider that you’d be doing this as a job? Answer: Check out the podcast to listen […]

Who is Zlapped? | Ask Zlapped 0000

Subscribe on iTunes | Rating & Review | Have a question? Shownotes In this premiere episode of Ask Zlapped Pontus “Zlapped” Mähler introduces his new podcast and also introduces himself for those that don’t know him. Zlapped also gives an example question to give you guys an idea of the kind of questions he is looking […]

[Partner Support] Promo Messages & Launch Plan Overview

Generally speaking the launch period is 5 weeks long unless we’ve discussed anything to the contrary. Also, generally speaking the launch period has begun the countdown from the moment you agreed to come on board. Ask a Pro Gamer has created a launch calendar for you. It will outline the tasks that will need to […]

[Partner Support] Recording Your First Episode

Let’s do it right! As you know your new podcast will be published 5 days a week. Each episode will be between 5-10 minutes. Which means the time you’ll need to invest to have 5 day a week show is 1-2 hours a month. But before any of that happens we need to record the […]

[Partner Support] Getting Started

Getting Started Just a few things you’ll need to get started – if you don’t already have them. Sound Quality Note: You probably don’t need this equipment, because you’ll already have great sound quality. But, just incase. RODE Podcaster Microphone (Recommended) Blue Yeti (Budget Option) Audio Recording I have always used Audacity or hired Audio […]

[Partner Support] What You Can Expect From Us

As a podcast network specifically serving the gaming community it is our privilege and responsibility to support your podcast in every way we can. Below is a list in chronological order of the ways in which we’ll support you on your journey. You’ll have a phone call with the founder and director of the network […]

[Partner Support] What You Will Need To Do

As you may already know, we’ll take care of practically everything in this partnership. From artwork right through to the show being in the iTunes store for people to listen to. However there are a handful of things that you need to do in order to make this successful. Each week, fortnight or month (at […]

[Partner Support] Information About Sponsorship

As a Professional Streamer I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of sponsorship. Sponsorship will be the primary way we monetize the podcast. At least initially. Having access to a devoted audience that loves your content opens up a plethora of opportunities to create revenue to continue and grow what you’re doing. After the trial […]

[Partner Support] Trial Period

Like in any good partnership we would like to be sure that we’re a great fit before getting serious. Once we’ve created the show – including artwork, audio hosting, website and everything else – both parties will have 8 weeks to ask questions, adjust systems and schedules to make sure the new arrangement fits into […]

[Partner Support] How We Will Move Forward From Here

Now that you have some understanding on: What podcasting is and how it’s beneficial to your business. What you can expect from the Ask A Pro Gamer Podcast Network. What you’ll need to do. The trial period. Information about sponsorship. It’s now time to figure out how we move forward from here. First things first, […]

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