[Partner Profile] Bradley “DYoshii”

Name: Bradley “DYoshii”Games:


Check out DYoshii’s podcast, Ask DYoshii. Subscribe and listen on iTunes. In his podcast, Zlapped answers all his audience’s questions 5 days a week. Questions about gameplay, strategies and tips. Get inside the mind of a pro player by listening to Ask DYoshii today.


DYoshii is a partnered Twitch streamer and PJSaltan winner. Which, in the world of Twitch and Streaming is a big deal as it bestows on the winner bragging rights among his peers.

DYoshii is a Monster Hunter and just an all round nice guy. We highly encourage you to check out his stream.

Connect with DYoshii:

DYoshii’s podcast comes out a couple of times a week and he answers one question in each episode from his audience.

Check out DYoshii’s stream on Twitch or listen to his daily podcast, Ask DYoshii on iTunes today.
Have a question for DYoshii? Ask here and we’ll donate $5 for each question that is featured on the show to Headspace which is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services. Support your favourite streamer and help the fight against depression at the same time.