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Today’s Question: I wanted to ask you for some advice on drafting the first set of picks and bans before you know exactly on what the other team are doing? Have a question for Zlapped? Ask it and be featured on the brand new podcast by Zlapped.

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Hi guys and welcome to episode number 13. Today’s question is by Bassex.

Bassex: Hi Zlapped, I wanted to ask you for some advice on drafting the first set of picks and bans before you know exactly on what the other team are doing?

Zlapped: Some advice on drafting. It all comes down to what team you’re up against. Some games just have players that are so good with certain heroes. I’m going to use myself as an example here, not to be arrogant. But statistically it’s a very good example. I’ve been the best Ophelia in the world for a very long time now and it’s been constantly banned now, probably 80% of my games in the last 3 years. Which is absolutely crazy and my point here is, that some teams are just so particularly good on a hero that you just don’t want to play against it. Because they just have so many strategies revolving around that hero that it would be very unwise to leave that hero in the base.

So, if you don’t know what the enemy team are doing you should take out their comfort heroes first.

If not, then ban a hero that everyone can play that is very strong. AKA Tundra for example has been one of the best picks for a very long time now. Everyone can play it decently enough for it to have a lot of impact and it’s just a good ban overall.

So, my advice is ban heroes that are either very very strong or comfort heroes for that team. Even if you don’t know what they’re doing.

As for picking, just pick a hero that can beat any draft. Magmus for example. He can support, he can mid, he can off lane, he can short lane, he can do anything. It’s just a very versatile hero that can be anywhere around the map.

Any lane. You don’t give away anything with your draft.

That’s why Magmus is one of the biggest first picks. He may not be a top 5 initiator to be honest, but he doesn’t give anything away. So he is allowed to be in your draft and they don’t know what you’re doing and they can’t draft around it. That’s why he’s such a good pick.

Andromeda for example, also a very good pick because it’s a very defensive support. Defensive supports can be aggressively laned. Well it’s a mid range support actually. It’s not completely defensive. It’s a good overall support and it’s good in a lineup. Because it can tri lane, it can double lane, has decent defense, decent aggression. It’s just a good overall pick and it doesn’t give too much away either.

However, now that there is Vindicator, who is becoming popular, it can counter Andromeda. Yeah, so that’s why Magmus and Behemoth are picked quite often.


Zlapped: Thanks guys for tuning into this episode of Ask Zlapped and be sure to tune in tomorrow for another question for you guys and be sure to check out my stream at and check out my very frequently updated Facebook page at

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