[Partner Support] What You Can Expect From Us

As a podcast network specifically serving the gaming community it is our privilege and responsibility to support your podcast in every way we can.

Below is a list in chronological order of the ways in which we’ll support you on your journey.

  • You’ll have a phone call with the founder and director of the network – Adam Spencer.
  • You sign on with us.
  • We’ll send you an information pack that answers all your questions and will explain what’s next.
  • We’ll schedule a test run.
  • You’ll be emailed directions on how to conduct the test run.
  • We’ll collect a list of questions your audience has and provide them in a shared document that you can access. You can answer the questions on stream or off, whichever you prefer. There are benefits both ways.
  • We’ll provide scripts. These scripts will be for any pre-show or post-show information and/or sponsored spots.
  • We’ll provide you a shared folder where you can upload your audio files.
  • Our audio engineers will access the files and edit them accordingly.
  • The final episode will be uploaded to a seperate folder and from there be uploaded to our third party file hosting provider. (Libsyn.com)
  • From there our staff will create a shownotes page, listing all useful information you mentioned in the recording and transcribing the show so that it can be crawled by search engines and indexed.
  • The show will be added to the shownotes page on the website we created for you. Example: AskZlapped.com. Each website will also have a featured spot on the Network’s website too.
  • We’ll also be creating marketing materials for your show too.
  • We’ll have your show syndicated to iTunes and other major podcast distributors.
  • We’ll create an email list for the show that you’ll have access to.

And you’ll have direct access to us via email, phone and carrier pigeon if necessary so that we can support you in any other way we can.