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Hey guys, today we have a question from Adam.

Question: Hi Zlapped, How long have you been streaming? And what got you into it to start with? Did you ever consider that you’d be doing this as a job?

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Zlapped: Welcome to episode 1 of Ask Zlapped, today’s question is from Adam.

Adam: Hi Zlapped, How long have you been streaming? And what got you into it to start with? Did you ever consider that you’d be doing this as a job?

Zlapped: I think I’ve been streaming for about 5 years now. But I’ve been doing it for a job for about 4. I got into it because I did a fun channel, a double channel, that’s why it’s called Twoeasy, with a friend of mine, he was a very popular Twitch chat dude. He was always on Honi’s channel and we were thinking about doing a stream together. Which was why we named it Twoeasy. So we started doing that and then ultimately we didn’t do it often enough. Then I just kept doing it myself.

Ultimately about 4 years ago, I was looking for a job, because I didn’t want to study at the time. So, I just said I’ll just stream while I’m looking for a job.

Then I just got bigger and bigger. Then all of a sudden I was like maybe I can do this for a living. So I was like, alright let’s take this step. Let’s try and do this for a living and I tried this for 6 months before I moved out. So year, just 6 months of doing this in my bedroom at my parents house. Then I moved to my own place.

And, no. I never considered doing this as a job. Never even occurred to me that I’d be doing gaming as a job. I’d been a pro gamer for 5 years, streamer for 4. But I never actually considered doing this as a job.

It was just a complete random thing, and only because of you guys and your support that I was able to do this as a living. I never could of imagined it. I’m very excited and very thankful for what I’ve been able to do.


Zlapped: Thanks guys for tuning into this episode of Ask Zlapped and be sure to tune in tomorrow for another question for you guys and be sure to check out my stream at Twitch.tv/twoeasy and check out my very frequently updated Facebook page at  Facebook.com/Zlapped.

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