Life And Gaming Advice From Philosopher Chu – “Trust Me Guys, So Many People Don’t Do This”

Note: I wrote this article based on a speech I heard Chu give about becoming a better player. You can check out his stream on Twitch at and check out the original video that this post is based off by clicking this link.

It was a cool Sunday evening, the night sky why clear and crisp, there was a cool breeze coming in from the east and the city was quiet…

Then Chu drops a bomb.

Then drops the mic.

Chu, better known as Philosopher Chu, better known as “Bruce Chu Lee”, better known as “Sun Chu”  delivers a Happy New Years gift to his viewers in the form of a rant that is sure to change the course and destiny of their very lives forever!

Chu’s 10 minute inspired rant is beautifully set up by one of his viewers. ‘Poorplacement’ asks “is there some sort of Voodoo or ritual I can perform so that my teammates and I play better?”

So begins the knowledge bomb

“This tip is for anyone that wants to get better at this game (Heroes of the Storm) or honestly at any other game.” Chu starts. He should of added “or in life”. Because these tips are so profound that the World Government is even considering rewriting the Bible to include them. (Look out for the new edition of the Bible with Chu’s tips. Coming Soon™ from a religion near you.)

With his viewers on the edge of their seats, sweating and rocking back and forth in anxious anticipation, Chu does as any brilliant orator has done in the past and let the anticipation grow while taking a sip of his sponsors water(Fiji Water**).

With his viewers ready to revolt, Chu further tempts their favour with a threat to play a commercial.

All joking aside Chu placates the crowd with the uttering of a few words “I’ll give your guys some examples of a bad mentality.” 

A loud “Oooooooh” reverberates through the crowd.

A viewer shouts from the crowd “I’ll give you an example of bad mentallity: Mewn” -Chu2016  

The crowd explodes into heated discussion over the outburst. Chu glances toward security and they move to escort ‘blade04100′ from the building.

Chu continues “If you want to get better you need to fix this s#!t right away.”

Focus on Yourself

“If you think you’re stuck in your league because of your teammates, because of your teammates making mistakes, trolling your ass, or being bad in general. If you think that, you’re wrong. You need to change that shit. That is not why you’re Bronze, Platinum, or Diamond, you can not change how your teammates play.”

“You have 4 teammates on your team, you have 5 players on the enemy team. You have more chance of your enemies making more mistakes then you do if you are making no mistakes yourself.”

“So, the only thing you have to worry about is making no mistakes yourself. Yourself!”

“Don’t think about your teammates, I see my team make mistakes all the time, I see a lot of mistakes, I try not to think about it, I don’t criticise. The thought appears, but I don’t do anything with it.”

“Everybody makes mistakes in this game, even yourself.”

“You have to realise you probably make about the same amount of mistakes as your teammates do, but it feels like they’re making more because there are 1 of you and 4 of your teammates. For every mistake you make they make 4, even though individually you’re making the same amount of mistakes.”

“It feels like your teammates are f*&king you up!” -Sun Chu

“It feels like your teammates are f*&king you up. Don’t worry about your teammates. Don’t ever expect your team to not make mistakes, they will always make mistakes just like you will. FOCUS ON YOURSELF!”

“Focus on Yourself” -Sun Chu

Don’t Expect To Win

“People in general expect to win. Do not expect to win games. Expecting to win is the fastest way to tilt. That’s the fastest way of making yourself vulnerable to not being your best form.”

“Expecting to win is the fastest way to tilt.” -Sun Chu

Another top Streamer & HotS player (Mewnfarez) is brought into the dynamic conversation by audience member, ‘selloutChu’ and says the advice he received was just as valid. “But Mewn told me my teammates suck”. Which is a great point. 

‘selloutChu’ goes onto say “Who should I believe, the streamer I’m currently watching has only played 1 placement match”.

Philosopher Chu responds to this by telling his audience to follow their heart.

With the crowd murmuring and considering the thought provoking points made, Chu moves onward.

“If there is actual Jesus himself, maybe he’ll win every game” -Sun Chu

“Don’t be result oriented. Don’t look at the game from the perspective of a very close minded person who can only get satisfaction from a win and who is always going to be frustrated by the loss. That’s a trap their guys. This applies to a lot of things in life, losing not so bad, you’re going to lose. You’re not going to have a 100% win rate. You’re not God at this game. Maybe there is someone out there with a 100% win rate.”

With his audience’s eyes locked on him in awe Chu moves to drive his point home.

“The real winner is the person that can take more out of a loss than a win.” -Sun Chu

With his audience salivating from the awesomeness of his words, Chu sees victory, he sees his point is being made and taken up by his loyal followers, he continues.

“The people that take more from losing will always be the better player in the end.” Sun Chu

“I’ve seen a lot of bad players in my 10 plus years of my MOBA career who became amazing by having the right mentality and putting in the work to become a better player. “

“Change your mentality about those two things you’ll become a better player (and a better person).” -Sun Chu

Chu’s first disciple feels a change in his heart and stands up to speak.

“Each loss is not a failure, but a lesson!” -icemanblues

So wise.

To sum up

1. Don’t blame your teammates, focus on yourself.

2. Don’t be result orientated, try to learn from your losses, instead of being upset about it.  “

“It sounds like common sense, but trust me guys, so many people don’t do this. Do these things and greatness will be yours.” Chu finishes.

**Jokes. Chu is not sponsored by Fiji Water… Yet. Coming Soon™.

What do you think of Chu’s words of wisdom, do they apply to you?

What do you do to make the gaming community more friendly?

Thanks for reading guys and thanks to Chu for giving such an inspired explanation about becoming a better player. If you haven’t already, check out his stream on and you can see the original video below.