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Today we have a question from Kohlove10777.

Question: Hi Zlapped, How many maximum viewer in your steam for day, when popular in NA/EU. Have a question for Zlapped? Ask it and be featured on the brand new podcast by Zlapped.

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Zlapped: Hi guys and welcome to episode 7. Today’s question will be by Kohlove10777.

Kohlove10777: Hi Zlapped, How many maximum viewer in your steam for day, when popular in NA/EU.(Sorry for kak English)

Zlapped: The maximum number of viewers I had when HoN was popular in NA/EU, before the viewer numbers went down, was between 1000 and 2000 viewers everyday.

I think I averaged 1200 viewers after 3pm. When people started getting home after school and work. I think that’s when I got the most viewers. I think I averaged 1200 viewers at the peak of HoN. At the maximum I had 2700 in HoN.

My maximum amount of viewers actually was 6700 playing Untold Dawn which was an amazing Playstation game. So I averaged between 1200 and 1500 everyday at the peak of HoN.

I’ve had more and I’ve had less. Of course the viewership now isn’t as big as it used to be in NA/EU.

Right now I average about 600 a day. Which is a lot lower than it was before, which is very sad, but it is what it is.


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