[Partner Support] How We Will Move Forward From Here

Now that you have some understanding on:

It’s now time to figure out how we move forward from here.

First things first, I’ll be in touch to schedule a test date, this will be a time you’ve set aside to sit down and check out the questions your audience has and answer them. This can either be done on stream, live in front of your audience or off stream with just you and your audio recording software. Recording live will give your audience the opportunity to ask questions. This would be a great time to let them know about Speakpipe and the fact that they can ask questions that will be featured on an episode, or they can just ask in chat and you’ll be able to read them out.

It’s important to remember that, even though you’re answering their question on Twitch, the content is going to be re purposed for a specific episode, so it would be best to stay on topic as much as possible.

Once we settle on a date and time that you want to record your answers, my team will go to work tracking down questions from past streams, current streams and your social media channels. Then rank the questions in terms of the most people that would benefit from the answers.

As soon as you decide on a time, I’ll put it in my calendar too and send you some more information to help start generating buzz in your community about the upcoming podcast. We’ll also go to work setting up the systems behind the scenes for your show and create your podcast artwork.

First things first though, let’s schedule when you want to do your first session and whether it will be on stream or off. The benefit of on stream is you are doing 2 things at once. The benefit of off stream is you’ll be able to do multiple takes if necessary and be much more prepared.