[Partner Support] Recording Your First Episode

Let’s do it right!

As you know your new podcast will be published 5 days a week. Each episode will be between 5-10 minutes. Which means the time you’ll need to invest to have 5 day a week show is 1-2 hours a month. But before any of that happens we need to record the first episode.

The first episode will do two things for you:

  1. Serve as a placeholder in the iTunes store.
  2. Be the introduction episode.

All you’ll need to do is use whatever audio recording software you have or install Audacity. Set up your microphone – that is probably already set up for your stream. Then you’re set.

Ok, I’m Ready To Record My First Episode

The things you’ll need to cover in the first episode:

  1. Who you are and what you do, just introducing yourself for new people that may discover you that don’t already follow your stream.
  2. What you’ll be doing in your new show and that it’s your goal to serve and answer as many questions as you can for your audience.  
  3. Set the expectations.
    1. How often the show will be published.
    2. The types of questions you’ll be answering and the types of questions you won’t be answering. E.G. No personal questions.
    3. Round out the first episode with the first question. We’ll add it into the show on our end, so it will play to your audience before you answer it.
  4. End the show with a call to action (CTA). E.G. “Thanks for tuning into this episode of Ask “Example” be sure to tune into tomorrow we’re I’ll be answering another question from you guys and check out my stream at twitch.tv/example.

All Done, Time To Upload

Once you’ve finished recording, export as a MP3 file and upload to the shared folder you’ve been provided with. You can access this folder via your dashboard. 

More Information

You’ll need to record any new intros, call to actions or sponsorship spots separately when needed so we can add them into the show in post-production.

These scripts will be emailed to you and clearly labelled when necessary.

Any Questions?

Contact Ask a Pro Gamer.