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Today we have a question from Henrique TheMadman66.

Question: Hi Zlapped, What is your advice to rise up out of the 1500 bracket in HoN? Especially when other players are bringing the team down. Have a question for Zlapped? Ask it and be featured on the brand new podcast by Zlapped.

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Zlapped: Hi guys and welcome to episode number 14. Today’s question is by Henrique TheMadman66.

Henrique AKA TheMadman66: Hi Zlapped, What is your advice to rise up out of the 1500 bracket in HoN? Especially when other players are bringing the team down.

Zlapped: The first thing you need to realise is, like I mentioned in a previous episode, the first thing you need to do is realise you’re at fault as well and it’s not always your teams fault or anyone else’s.

My best advice is to focus on yourself and make sure you’re playing at the best of your ability. If you’re really really eager there are heroes that help you do that. Because in the early stages and the early brackets the easiest way to win is going mid or junglers that have lot’s of impact.

For example, Parasite is a great jungler to get a lot of rating. If you feed on the enemy team early a lot of people get angry and yelling at your teammates – exactly what I’m telling you not to do – and that is a really bad factor for their team and it makes them and their team play worse.

So picking heroes that have a lot of ganking potential and are very very active early game, such as Wretched Hag, Bubbles, Doctor Repulsor, Parasite and stuff like that. I would say that’s the easiest way of getting out of the 1500 bracket.

But the key is to stay out of the 1500 bracket. Because if you’re a 1500 player you’re going to get back down there and picking heroes that helps you go above that is not really going to make you a better player.

So just keep playing on your own gameplay, watch your own replays, get better yourself and focus on one role.

Like I’m a Jungler for example. But I’ve played this game long enough and good enough to play every role in the game at a top level. Not competitive level, but top level.

My advice is to focus on one role. When I started playing HoN I focused on the mid role then I transition into jungle 4 years ago.

Focus on one role, focus on a particular set of heroes. Master them. Then continue.

Or, if you just want to get out pick heroes that have a lot of gank.


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