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Question: What is an update/addition to the game you have always wanted, but that has never happened? Today’s question comes from Namesareunimportant. Have a question for Zlapped? Ask it and be featured on the brand new podcast by Zlapped.

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Zlapped: Welcome guys to Ask Zlapped, where I’ll be answering your questions 5 days a week.


Zlapped: Hey guys, and welcome to episode number 33. Today’s question is once again by Namesareunimportant.

Namesareunimportant asks “What is an update/addition to the game you have always wanted, but has never happened?”

The Solo Queue Rating. I think the way that DOTA has it with Solo Queue and Team Rating is very good. Because right now, people…there are a lot of “stat whores” to be perfectly blunt. There are a lot of people that only care about their stats and their win rate. And because of that, they decide to find my queue, for my queue, and free my queue all the time.

They will never queue solo and they will never even try to queue solo because they do not enjoy it in the same way. Because their poor stats can be ruined.

So, I do wish there was a Solo Queue and a Team Rating. Because that way, you would see those really talented players, who no matter what, can solo queue and be good at the game. And then we have those who are still good players, of course, but they have a team rating to show that, “Oh! These guys are really strong as a team”. Maybe not as good in solo queue, but nevertheless, they’re still great players.

I feel like that could give, like, an edge and also promote more solo queue playing for high-tier players. And that will also promote more gaming in general, because a lot of people don’t even play unless they have people to play with.


Zlapped: Thanks you guys for tuning into yet another episode of Ask Zlapped podcast. I hope you liked my answer and found it interesting, and thank you for a very interesting question. You can get any of the info mentioned in today’s episode, including the links, by going to and I’ll see you in the next episode, where I’ll  answer yet another question from you guys. Thank you very much for listening and tuning in. I appreciate it a lot. See you in the next one!

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