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Hey guys, today we have a question from Segismundo101.

Question: Hey Brad, I was curious to what your favourite video game original sound track is?

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DYoshii: Welcome to Ask DYoshii, where I’ll be answering your question anywhere from 2-4 days a week.


DYoshii: Welcome to episode 4 of Ask DYoshii, and today’s question comes from Segismundo101.

Segismundo101: Hey Brad, I was curious to what your favourite video game original sound track is?

DYoshii: Thank you very much Segismundo for the question.

Now this a difficult one for me. For those that know me, or perhaps those that don’t. That’s why you’re listening to this podcast perhaps. That’s what I collect. I collect soundtracks heavily. I just came back from Japan a few months ago and I spent about $1000 on soundtracks on there. It’s something I really kind of go nuts on. So I don’t really have like one favourite one.

But I’ll list a few that I do like and I guess I’ll list the most preferred one for me at the moment.

And they’ll all a little bit different. This is going to be original soundtracks. We’re not going to talk about remixes, that’s a whole different rabbit hole. For now at least. If you want to know about remixes, ask the question.

I guess one of the ones that really rings well with me over the years was Chrono Cross of all things and there are a couple of reasons for that. I’ve seen Yasunori Mitsuda play live multiple times and hearing Scars of Time, it’s a great song, especially hearing it live. I know we’re not talking remixes, but thinking of the song makes me remember seeing it live and it’s a really good memory for me. So, I’d say that’s one that really strikes true with me.

There’s also a variety of different themes of songs that I like. So I don’t just listen to one genre.

So I’m a big fan of the BlazeBlue and Guilty Gear soundtracks. Which have a large metal atmosphere to them as well. And Near is way up there cause it just hits so many good nails. That’s one that I think you need to listen to with a sound system. Listen to it with a proper sound system. With a lot of music if you have the right system for it you can hear so much going on in the background. There’s not just those initial notes you hear. There’s those subtle notes. Near really hits the nail with that.

Again, those are some of the ones I prefer.  I like listening to music in general from video games. I don’t really have a favourite one. Because I kind of appreciate it all for what it is.

There’s often some very good instrumentals and occasionally there’s some very good vocals added to that. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a good example of this. It works well as an instrumental. But adding vocals the content is still incredibly strong and something that I have a lot of fun listening to.

There’s always new soundtracks coming out as well. Undertale is currently on my frequently played list. But my frequently played list constantly changes.

Fury was the one I listened to before that. Which was done by a variety of different composers and they all do things very differently. So you still get really good content even though it covers multiple genres but still meshes together really well.  

I know this a bit of a convoluted answer, but again it’s a hard question to answer, at least for me.

There’s a lot of good music out there, if you are into video game music yourself, you can find a bunch of it on Bandcamp.

Consider looking at indie games too, Indie games can just as good music, sometimes even better.


DYoshii: Thanks everyone for listening to today’s episode of Ask DYoshii. For all the links and resources mentioned in today’s episode head to AskDYoshii.com or check out the stream at Twitch.tv/DYoshiiTV.

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