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Hey guys, today we have a question from TotallyNotTres. Welcome to the very first episode of Ask DYoshii. In today’s episode DYoshii answers a listener question and introduces the show, himself and what you can expect from this brand new podcast.

Question: Hey Brad, What’s your best experience as a caster on Twitch and why?

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DYoshii: Welcome to Ask DYoshii, where I’ll be answering your questions anywhere from two to four times per week.


DYoshii: G’day guys, welcome to episode one of Ask DYoshii, a new podcast about well…me, DYoshii, and anwer questions that you guys have – hence the name of the podcast.

I’m DYoshii for those of you who are not aware of the things I already do. My name is Brad, I’m a Twitch variety partner based in Melbourne, Australia. I also do some Youtube stuff, I used to work in television.

I get asked a lot of questions in my streams, and I figured it’d be better to address them in kind of podcast format. I’ll address them on stream as well, of course, but this means that people can look back, and if they want to listen to a particular answer for a question either I can refer to it, or you guys can catch it nice and easy. Plus, I’ve always wanted to get into podcasting, again, I haven’t done podcasting in a long time, and I figured it’d be kind of cool and fun to get back into it.

So, this is basically going to be coming out two to four times a week, depending on how many questions I get, and I’ll be answering one, maybe two questions per podcast, and we’ll be kind of just going through those they could be of all kinds of topics about games I stream, maybe games I don’t stream even, about my personal life, about things I did beforehand, all kinds of stuff.  But most importantly, I’m gonna have some fun  with it and just, you know, have a very chill approach for a fun way to ask questions. Let’s get straight into it.

The first question is going to be from TotallyNotTres, who asks what’s my best experience as a caster on Twitch?

Now, to give this a bit of context, I’ve casted on Twitch for about two and a half years. Now, I started kind of just because the girlfriend told me to start, and that changed my life. But everyone says “Oh, when I started,” it’s a tacky answer. So, I wanna give an answer that people really can’t give.

I’d say my best experience as a caster on Twitch has been the PJSaltan route that I took. Back in PAX Australia in 2015, I won a tournament called PJSaltan on the Twitch booth. I was invited to this tournament kind of on a whim. I just got a message from ExcessiveProfanity, another cool Twitch cast you should check out, got a DM on Twitter just going “Hey, you wanna be in this PJSaltan thing on the Twitch stage?” And I was like, I’ve never heard of this – that sounds good.

So I signed up because, why not? It’s a chance to be on Twitch stage as well as on the front page of Twitch for the first time.

So, I’ll go for it. I sit down and I’m told the prize is a prize to PAX East so I’m like “Alright then, cool. I should probably take this a little bit more seriously.” So I did. And I won and I got the PAX East trip and I went PAX East, and you get automatic entry to PJSaltan  there. And the top four there got qualification into TwitchCon, and a flight to there.

So I was like, “Alright, cool”. I knew this this time, so I was very prepared, practiced as best I can because you aren’t sure what the games are until you sit down. It’s kind of random, but you can study it a little bit. Got top four – I didn’t win – got top four though, qualified for TwitchCon. At TwitchCon, there’s the Grand Finals, so you get the top eight PAX East, top eight from PAX West – top four, sorry – and then you all fight it out for no cash, but one big prize, which is a Twitch Global emote.

At this point in time, they’d only ever given out one of these, apparently a second one that had not been uploaded yet as well. And somehow, I don’t know how I pulled this off, I managed to win that and get something that very few people have. And really, only Twitch staff get these days, which is a Twitch Global emote.

Which is something that, you know, I never expected to get. I mean, as a caster, there’s millions of casters. Who ever expects to get something like that? But, I did, and it was NUTS. And that’s definitely been my best experience as a caster on Twitch.

But I mean, I’ve had other great experiences as well. Meeting new friends has been a really really big one, and having all kinds of experiences. But that definitely rings to me as the best experience I’ve ever really had on the platform.

That was the first question. You can ask questions, it’ll get these multi-minute answers out of me ask shorter ones if you’d like. I’m pretty easygoing. You can find out a good way of asking them, of course, by looking at the podcast description itself. But also, you can tune into my live streams at Twitch.tv/dyoshiitv.

Keep an eye out for the next couple of days for the next question. Once again, thanks for watching or listening. As a caster, I’m used to saying watching, but it happens sometimes. But thanks for listening, and have a good one!


Thanks everyone for listening to today’s episode of Ask DYoshii. For all the links and resources mentioned in today’s episode, just head to AskDYoshii.com, or check out the stream at twitch.tv/dyoshiitv

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