[Partner Support] I’m A Professional Streamer. Why Podcasting?

The Rise Of Podcasting

The very first podcast happened in 2003, and was called Radio Open Source, then in 2004 an article coined the term ‘Podcasting’ and it stuck. A year later the term was proclaimed the word of the year and a little over a decade later there are 10’s of thousands of podcasts active, billions of podcast subscribers and even more¬†downloads.

Podcasting As An Industry

Podcasting initially started out on the fringes. But as of today we consider podcasting to be mainstream. There are people out there making 100’s of thousands of dollars a month through the power of podcasting. Let me just write that in number so it can really hit you – $100,000. A month. Not a year. A month. One of the reasons podcasting is so powerful is because it’s so personal. A lot of the time it’s just you and your listener. They are driving, walking or at the gym with their headphones on or their earbuds in listening to your voice in their head.

The opportunity is out there already being taken advantage of. It would be unwise to ignore it.

The Purpose Of A Podcast In Your Business

You’re a streamer. And that is awesome. You might be doing it as a hobby, or have the privilege and honour to stream full-time. What a dream job that is. That means you’re doing something right – probably a lot of things right.

The challenge is that while the content you create is amazing, it can only be consumed while your audience is doing nothing else but watching you. Visual medium’s are very attention hungry. That’s a good thing, and a bad thing.

Like I mentioned a earlier listeners can engage with you and your podcast while doing many other things, from commuting to work, at the gym, making dinner.

How Podcasting Will Benefit Your Business

We’ve already talked about the power and reach of podcasting. Let’s talk about how. By creating content that is consumable at any time throughout the day and content that is evergreen – This means content that is relevant and useful as time goes on. This content that you create will be indexed by Google (and other search engines) and be searchable on the largest podcasting platform out there – iTunes. This means 2 things for you.

  1. The opportunity for more people to find you and what you do. Eventually being directed to your Twitch Channel.
  2. The opportunity to have another point of contact with your current audience and provide enormous value to your current followers.

In Summary

  • Podcasting is a huge opportunity, with billions of subscribers and ever more downloads.
  • A way to create evergreen content that will help you be discovered on the web and through iTunes.
  • The chance to repurpose your current content. That is to say when you answer questions on stream, we can take that audio and turn it into it’s own podcast episode.
  • Podcasting gives you another touch point with your audience. They say someone has to have several touch points before they trust you enough to give you their money.
  • Podcasting gives you the power to serve your audience on a very personal medium.
  • Your audience can listen to you and get value from you while doing their shopping, cooking dinner, working out and driving to work.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article has helped to bring some clarity around the power of podcasting in your business.

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